IMG_3191While performing with my band Fortag in Anchorage, Alaska (in March and April) I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing individuals. Upon returning home, I had an assignment to complete for my newspaper reporting class. It required me to write a profile on an interesting person. I scanned my mind for who the heck I found interesting and cool enough to write about. Then I knew the answer was clear. My bassist Matt’s friend Nancy. I made a brief connection with her in Anchorage while she vacationed there a few days. Not only was she a blast, she was also the executive editor for the hip online network Popsugar.


She was cool enough to humor me and gave me a FaceTime interview from her office in New York City. I ended up getting an A on the assignment and positive feedback from her on the piece as well. So I thought it would be fun to share it with my blog followers. They can get the opportunity to read an upbeat piece from me for once. Thanks again for all the support and Nancy for being so cool!

Nancy Einhart


Could the possibility exist that Carrie Bradshaw is an actual person living in the Big Apple and not some fictional TV character? Nancy Einhart isn’t claiming she changed her name to ward off stalkers but the jury is still out.

She’s a sexy, charismatic, smart, and successful writer/editor who loves to write about sex. The similarities are hard to miss and this 37-year-old admits to making the comparison herself.

“I often made the comparison myself,” Einhart said, “especially when I first moved here and I was single and dating, I went on a lot of dates.” But Sex and the City was long before online dating and Einhart says, “dating in the Tinder era is a whole different thing.”

She’s a tiny brunette who wears hip graphic tees and Chuck Taylors while vacationing in Alaska and has a darling voice mimicking that of a 6-year-old girl. Her busy office is swarming with people as she clings to her iPhone and white headphones during the interview. Writing has always been her first love and she somehow managed to build a very successful career doing it.

Einhart is executive editor of the online network Popsugar that grabs over one billion global page and video views per month. “I love it,” she says with a giggle. “I don’t really know what else I would do because I’m not really good at anything else, but, I’m good at this.”

She took a gamble nine years ago and decided to leave her job at Time Inc to become the 11th employee at Popsugar and never looked back. With Popsugar now employing over 500 people she feels she made the smart move but said she was taking a chance.

Popsugar targets women ages 18-35 and is lead by happy, friendly, and nurturing women.
“It’s a real cool environment to work in because it’s the first journalism environment I’ve worked in that has been so female dominated and it’s nice,” Einhart said. “People who come to work here from big fashion magazines are like ‘You guys are so much nicer here’,” she giggles.

With Einhart now being in charge of everything, she only gets around to writing one story a month but said she likes managing people and loves to stay busy.

“I kind of like that there’s no down time here because I get bored,” Einhart said. “I think that this business (online journalism) attracts those kinds of people.”

Having dipped her toes in music journalism, she has a major passion for consuming live music and will be attending Bonnaroo and Pitchforth both for the second time this year. She even has a secret passion for karaoke and wants to learn the drums. But a love for music is something a lot of people share, she, has a very unusual passion for something else as well.

“I started a sandwich blog because I was trying to write a book about sandwiches,” Einhart explains. “It’s like this beautiful pallet of colors, like a painting.” I consider myself America’s foremost sandwich expert because who else is?”

Einhart still hopes to turn her dream of getting her sandwich book published into a reality after having recently worked with her boss on the upcoming Popsugar book.

“That was a really fun project,” Einhart said, “It was also a good way to get back connected with people in the book publishing industry.” “Now if I decide I want to publish my sandwich book, I actually know people.”

Aside from wanting to get her sandwich book published, Einhart also plans to write her own “Fifty Shades of Grey” one day. Writing a more juicy book is on her bucket list and she’s apprehensive to spill many details.

“One of my projects, that I won’t go into too much detail, because I don’t want anyone to steal the idea,” Einhart said, “Is an erotic novel.” “I think someday I will write an erotic novel.”

By: Jess Ayers


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  1. Jess,
    What an amazing web of communication and networking to be working in AK and meet an Editor of an online magazine. It shows that we are all interconnected. Enjoyed the profile, enjoy your blog and really enjoyed reading something totally up beat.

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